Good News On the Fedora 8 Theme & Decisions

Máirín Duffy duffy at
Thu Jul 26 18:05:39 UTC 2007

Hey folks,

I just heard from members of the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee 
(FESCo) that our team has been granted the authority to make decisions 
on all Fedora artwork. What this means is that we will be able to 
determine the default set of artwork and themes for Fedora 8. So, yay!

Now, this also means we do have some decisions to make:

- F8 default theme engine:

FESCo would like to see us make a decision on the default theme engine 
for Fedora 8. Basically, if Nodoka is ready in time (the feature freeze 
is Aug 28, might it be ready by then and testable by test 2, Sept 6?), 
are we all comfortable with it being set as the default theme? How about 
if Echo doesn't make it? (I'm using the Nodoka metacity theme right now 
with the current default icon set, Mist, and I think that they 
complement each other quite well. So I personally don't see there being 
a dependency on Echo for Nodoka. What do you think?)

- F8 default icon theme:

Another decision we have to make is if we are comfortable with Echo 
being the default for F8, and how complete we would require Echo to be 
before it can be set as the default. Echo is not actually on the 
proposed feature list [1] for F8, however. This may be an issue in 
getting it into F8; I'm not sure. Would we be happy with Mist for 
another release? Do we agree the Echo is the right direction to head in? 
(I have some definite concerns here but would like to hear from you 
folks before outlining them.)



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