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Re: Nodoka engine 0.5 released

A few quick thoughts after using Nodoka for a few days:

[ Echo Icon Theme ]
Still not complete enough to use full-time. I'm not a fan of the visual style, but I'll reserve judgment until I can use a completed icon theme. Using Gion, Tango, or one of the Gnome defaults looks fine for now (Mist).

[ Metacity Theme ]
I like the narrow window borders, but the top-left window controls and the boxes they sit it appear simplistic (not the good kind of simple). Back to Gilouche for now.

[ Gtk Theme ]
This is quite promising. Buttons and other controls look great. I find the overall style to be too heavily gray. I prefer the soft beige tone of MurrinaGilouche [1].

The arrows on flydown menus and scrollbars seem a bit large and could use a bit more padding - perhaps a full/solid triangle shape might look better than the bracket-look <> ?

Steven Garrity

[1] http://gnome-look.org/CONTENT/content-pre1/44510-1.png

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