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Re: Good News On the Fedora 8 Theme & Decisions

On Fri, 2007-07-27 at 02:32 +0200, Daniel Geiger wrote:
> Several thoughts:
> The Echo icon theme doesn't seem to me like it would work as the F8
> default icon theme unless used with the Nodoka theme; the Echo icons
> somehow seem immature otherwise.  So, I guess I would see Echo having
> a dependence on Nodoka, actually.  I think Echo + Nodoka would work
> quite well, if the Echo icon theme is made complete enough.  I also
> don't see any need to change the default Bluecurve mouse cursor theme.
> The Mist icon theme seems to fit fairly well with Nodoka also.  I
> might add that a few of the Mist icons seem too "pixelated," however
> (this is merely something with the Mist icon theme itself).
> As for the Nodoka theme engine, it is nearly complete, I think, and
> should definitely be ready for testing by August 28.  I don't think
> there's terribly much left to do with styling
> (see /usr/share/doc/gtk-nodoka-engine-0.5/TODO).  The choice of
> Fedora/Mist or Echo as the F8 default icon theme might influence some
> of the minor styling details, however.  The Nodoka Metacity theme is
> essentially in its final form, with the exception that it needs work
> for bugless button layout support.
> So, I could go either way with Echo/Mist as the default icon theme, I
> guess.  I don't think the Nodoka theme really has much of a dependence
> on Echo, but rather the other way around, if either has a dependence
> on the other one.  What are your concerns that you mentioned over
> Echo?
> ~Daniel

Hi folks,

I returned from vacations a bit sooner but tomorrow I am going to
another one (will be back at Friday at the latest) so only some comments
to the recent discussion...

[Nodoka] Arrow styling.
I looked at the 0.5 screenshot and yep, they are too big, I'd make them
smaller. I will rethink once more whether full arrows would be better in
some places then the '>' styled ones.

[Nodoka] Handles.
As I look repeatedly at the circles I think, that a) on toolbar I'd move
them a little farther from the border (i.e. more to the right, to leave
some space there), on scrollbar I seem to grew to like the bars a little
more. Daniel, did you make them as option or replaced the old handles
completely? On the GTK scale and on the scrollbars they also seem to be
not in the center. On the GTK Scale I would perhaps make them smaller,
but I think I'll will play with this particular case myself...

otherwise it looks very nice. Apart from the things I mentioned it seems
nearly complete, only some shadows, maybe some code optimisation and it
would be release ready. So now the blockers are the package
reviews[1][2]... I'll ping maintainers list about them when I'm back.

[Nodoka] Dependency on Echo icons.
well, this is not a big issue. Nodoka is supposed to work with Echo
icons, so I took them as dependency. Seeing it works nice with Mist as
well I can change the dependency to Mist (or Fedora, if it will be
called same as in F7) if echo will not be used. But for the meta theme I
need some dependency. The meta theme defines metacity theme, gtk+ theme
and icon theme, so the package must reflect the dependency as well
(otherwise we could end with broken meta theme). To use Nodoka, you need
not to use the meta theme, but it's faster to select it this way.

Echo Icons.
Good to see the hosting is finally moving away from wiki. It was really
a pain lately to load there some icons (due to the huge number of
attachments). I hope I will have time to resume my work on Echo icons
soon. I think the most critical icons which should be made are those
that are on default desktop, e.g. internet (could be same as category
internet IMHO), mail (I proposed one lately[3], uses Diana's initial
design for it, but it seems to be overlooked completely on whole wiki),
OpenOffice.org apps and the icons in the main menu and in the nautilus.

Echo cursor theme.
Yep, for Fedora 8 I would stay with the default, but I think in the
future we could make a refreshed theme. Development wiki page is
prepared for it [4]. The main goal now is to define the default look. I
therefore encourage anyone to upload their ideas of the default theme to
the wiki [5]. There is no deadline for it currently and no requirement
(save for the wiki edit rights) currently, so if you have even only a
idea, feel free to suggest it. I somehow feel that the icons now need
much more attention and work.

Reply to the main thread theme.
Yay, it's really great that the Art Team has now the 'power'. I hope we
can attract more contributors at the least to the Theme design now,
since I think we can now have no fear of the decisions made for F7 (i.e.
the three round battle for 'nothing') and like.

[1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=248163
[2] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=248516
[4] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/EchoCursors/Development
[5] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/EchoCursors

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