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Re: Tangofied Fedora Logo Icon

Hi Peter and others,

First I would to point out the correct location [1] of the icon artwork,
instead of the work-in-progress tango mailing list post Peter revered
to. My tango-icons directory is indexed, so you can browse for
individual icon files too.

Second I think we should separate some goals:

A. - Main objective
1) Get approval for the tangofied fedora icon in general.
2) If positive, what license possibilities (in regards to icon themes
inclusion for example).

B. - Secondary objective
1) Depending on A. possibilities of inclusion of the icon in Tango
styled themes like GNOME Icon Theme and Tango Icon Theme shipped with
2) Possibility of the icon inclusion in the default Fedora theme if that
theme is Tango style compatible like the current Mist/GNOME combo - will
not fit in with Echo presumably.

Unlike Peter I don't think Fedora should have Tango Icon Theme as the
default one per se (although it should be installed at least).
Nevertheless an icon theme following Tango Style Guide as default (like
GNOME Icon Theme, ) would be nice.

- Stephen

[1] http://stephenbrandt.com/tango-icons/fedora/fedora.png

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