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a little hi!

Hello all.

I'm Maria Leandro and I'm glad of join your team :D.

I've been a while on the IRC channel talking a little about Fedora art issues and a friend there told me to join this great team to help with some graphics.

Right now I made 2 characters that I would be glad to upload to the mascot wiki, but on the process to made this, I pass trough a looot of things (make the key is not easy :S). I went to #fedora-websites and told me that to be able of upload some artwork to fedora mascot, fist I'd to join and edit mi wiki... that's the problem.. I can't :S.

I've been working with artwork on Fedora Team Venezuela specially on inkscape and gimp making some translations of artwork and It would be nice to make it on the wiki :D.

If some one can help me to edit my wiki and upload some mascot it would be awesome! (I really don't know which step make now :-| )

kiss kiss to all!!!! :D

Maria Gracia Leandro
LinuxUser= 440285
"Be yourself... Don't be anyone else"
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