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Re: uploading a mascot

all done!!!

thanks a lot xD

2007/7/30, Ben Arnold <ben arnold inbox gmail com>:
On 30/07/07, María Leandro <tatadbb gmail com> wrote:
> Hi everyone!!
> I have a possible mascot that I would like to add to the wiki, but I really
> don't know if I should modify the wiki by myself or give my art to someone.
> I already have editing privileges as the list shows [1]
> So, I would like to know if I should wait for something else to upload my
> contribution about this issue.

Go ahead and do it yourself; add the image using the Attatchments link
to the right of the wiki page and upload it. Go back to the page and
click Edit, typing in something like:


where you want it to be placed. Use the Preview button to see if it's
right. This can be a bit slow sometimes, patience will pay off!

Don't worry, there is always a way of pulling it back if it all goes wrong :)

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