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MageFedoraTheme - Fedora Theme Draft

This thread was: "WIP - Fedora 8 theme"
Renamed to: "MageFedoraTheme - Fedora Theme Draft"

And another mockup.

- Added a menu bar with some extra space below (example: menu bar and icon bar like in konqueror)
- Added a right mouse click popup

here it is: http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/1186/kdebattlewip6lf8.png

The mocking up end is comming closer now and i still had no name for this theme.
The name for this theme is (for now) MageFedoraTheme

The name explained.
Mage = somehow i made mage out of my firstname and lastname and i keep using that for my scripts aswell.. (MageDB, MageForum etc.. and all work in progress). so that`s how i made up Mage.
Fedora = ... what do you think
Theme = ... nothing fancy.. just theme.

2007/6/10, Nicolas Mailhot < nicolas mailhot laposte net >:
Well since everyone is dumping his preferences I've been a longtime
supporter of the Metacity Alison theme:

- based on the original bluecurve with nice big easy-to-hit flat buttons
(not the small 3-d stuff that looks like a cheap chinese plastic gadget,
and is difficult to target)
- very light gradient that does not make text hard to read
- light pleasing titlebar texture (not something you notice in
screenshots, something you notice in everyday use)
- colors synced with the gtk theme

Nicolas Mailhot

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