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Fedora 8 Artwork, FedoraForum discussion summary

Hi folks,

week is over and as I ran by some interesting ideas at FedoraForum in a
thread I made for purpose of Fedora 8 Artwork, and as there are a lot of
noise compared to signal, I though it would be good to write a brief
summary of the ideas.

Idea 1: Evolving Flying High
It started as a photo of a biplane and evolved to photo space ship, even
a planete wallpaper was suggested. My opinion about this is that it is
not a bad idea but I would prefer more abstract theme for Fedora 8, so
maybe a space/planet could be used as a basis for more abstract design.

Idea 2: Swimming Deep 
This idea started as a joke, but I think it's very good idea and it
could be done nicely abstract. The philosophy behind could be, that
Fedora 6 was about evolving, Fedora 7 about reaching highs and Fedora 8
thus could be about reaching deeps. Just show the world that Fedora
explores every corner of the world. Two nice photos could server as
basis for abstract design:

Idea 3: Ocean
Its blue and it symbolises infinity.

Idea 4: Moon
Well, blue sky and big moon on it - does it sound bad? IMO not at all.
And example photos:

Idea 5: a button set
this just says it all.



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