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fedora 8 artwork - deadline reminder

As you may know, we have an open process [1] for submitting artwork proposals for Fedora 8. The *tentative* deadline for the first round [2] is approaching fast, in one week and we don't have yet *any* formal submission. With a tight schedule for F8 I think this date may slip, but only with a few days.

So do not be afraid and send your proposals, Fedora needs you!

I understand that graphics in F7 have a high degree of polishing and may look intimidating for a new contributor, but: - this is only round 1, the focus is on concepts, not on polishing, for that we have subsequent rounds;
- we need *something* to start from;
- the desire is to have somewhat simplified graphics in the next release;
- this may be our *only* chance to prove ourselves as a team and establish us a player in the Fedora world and the windows of opportunity may be only a few months large.

I also understand some of may not be very happy with what happened at le last release, but I believe we learned a lot from that experience and can do better this time.

(sorry if I stepped on someone's toes with this reminder)

[1] - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/F8Themes
[2] - https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-art-list/2007-June/msg00039.html

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