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Re: fedora 8 artwork - deadline reminder

Nicu Buculei wrote:
As you may know, we have an open process [1] for submitting artwork proposals for Fedora 8.

Thank you Nicu for reminding us about the deadlines and driving this forward!

I have been hesitant to start really driving this because I was hoping I could get you all a more firm answer on whether or not the artwork would definitely be considered as the default theme. Since I have not been able to do that, and we are quickly running out of time, here is the one thing I can promise you: I will definitely find a way to package and make easily installable at least some of the artwork we come up with if it isn't considered for the default artwork. Let's just focus on coming up with the best theme we can.

The *tentative* deadline for the first round [2] is approaching fast, in one week and we don't have yet *any* formal submission. With a tight schedule for F8 I think this date may slip, but only with a few days.

I've slipped the schedule a bit: I added revised dates and the full set of Art Team milestones for F8 to the wiki page Nicu set up earlier:


So the new deadline for the first round, which is just are the concept proposals, is Wednesday, July 11th.

So do not be afraid and send your proposals, Fedora needs you!

+1 Also, if there was a proposal from the Fedora 7 process that didn't make it that you liked, feel free to propose it for F8.

I also understand some of may not be very happy with what happened at le last release, but I believe we learned a lot from that experience and can do better this time.

Yep, let's focus on coming up with the best artwork we can and blow everyone away with it. :)


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