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I actually agree with the point that icons matter to users.  I started creating my gnome theme based on that concept.  It is useable, but still has a few bugs.  I did replace the shutdown and logout button though.  I also completed the them after the fedora 7 freeze.

Luya Tshimbalanga <luya_tfz at> wrote: For a better view

Ubuntu 7.04 shutdown

Valent Turkovic wrote:
> This looks to me much more user friendly than one we have on Fedora.
> First buttons for shutdown, restart, sleep and log-off have icons -
> and fedora has only naked buttons.
> The screen dims when you click on shutdown - really nice effect.

It is not that new at all. I have seen similar layout on Microsoft
Windows XP.

 I have spotted a problem with Ubuntu approach. Take a look at the
menu[1]. How can you tell that "Quit" item lead to Log Out, Shutdown,
Switch user? Most users will assume Quit mean Log Out text alone. With
the shutdown button, "Quit" will mean shutdown the system which only add
confusion. It becomes clear that approach is already flawed from the

The dim effect was existing on previous version of Fedora but it is
disabled upstream if I remember correctly.

> This looks to me as standard Ubuntu button and not something ubuntu
> has made them selves so I was puzzled when I didn't see it in Fedora 7
> test 3 or 4.
> Can you also include this - a much better version of shutdown button
> than one fedora currently uses.

I think adding icons on each button should be helpful in Fedora 7 case.
> It is much more usable, and user frendly - and it has logoff button
> integrated in it and not separate (as it should also be on fedora
> IMHO).
I think it should be separated. Log out is not the same thing with
shutdown. Putting them altogether will only confuse users. Just because
that layout is usably for you does not mean the same for others.


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