Fedora 7 CD Labels & Covers

Matthias Clasen mclasen at redhat.com
Sun May 27 14:58:14 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-05-26 at 12:19 +0200, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

> A very crude way to assess a font is to upload it on
> http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/font/custom.htm read the glyph
> count and look at the glyph matrix. A much better indicator would be the
> language support coverage matrix DejaVu publishes with every release but
> its generator needs fontconfig sources and fonts in sfd format (IIRC) so
> it's not useful for the average artists. We really need a tester tool
> that would do the same on any on-disk ttf/otf font.
> Anyway, some result for F7 common FLOSS fonts:
> - DejaVu Sans/Serif: 4538/1939
> - DejaVU LGC Sans/Serif: 3532/1881
> - Linux Libertine: 2274
> - Gentium: 1699
> - Liberation Sans/Serif: 668/661
> - Vera Sans/Serif: 268

Please, don't fall in the "coverage rathole" as Owen likes to call it.
There are more important qualities of a font that covering as much as
possible of Unicode.

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