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Máirí­n Duffy duffy at redhat.com
Thu May 31 02:06:53 UTC 2007

Anybody interested in a project to create banners to be displayed on the 
FPO front page? Anybody got ideas for banners we could do? E.g., join 
the art team, join the infrastructure team, join the websites team - 
it's never too early to work on 'filler' banners like that that we could 
post when there are no events to advertise.

What do you think?


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Diego Búrigo Zacarão wrote:
>     Perhaps we can have a rotating banner?  New community-produced banner
>     every week or month?
> The idea sounds great for me.
> I like when Google changes your logo in special dates.


We could have a release-specific one when a release is newly out and
when we're in-between releases maybe pick interesting Fedora-related
events like FUDcons and Summer of Code and such, and when its not so
busy little ads to recruit folks for specific Fedora teams/SIGs.

This could operate similar to how gnome.org's frontpage banner works -
someone on the GNOME marketing team will have an idea to publicize a
specific event using a front page banner, and then volunteers from the
GNOME art community will submit designs and work with each other to
produce the final artwork.

I think it's a great idea.


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