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Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Tue May 15 12:09:54 UTC 2007

Gerold Kassube wrote:
> Oh, ....
> you misunderstood Fabian and my request; we need a banner for things
> like

Not at all, let me quote Fabian, word for word [1]:
"A while ago i have posted a request for a new banner for the Ambassador
Program in the DesignService section. The intention was to have the
same banner style like docs, infrastructure and artwork on the wiki
before release of F7."

> or
> in a comfortable size for printing.

OK, this is a different request, we can try to fulfill (I don't have 
experience with printed banners yet).
What are the constraints? Size, number of colors, file formats, 
resolution (in DPI)? (I expect there are some alternatives which are 
tied to the product price).
Also, there are certain things (images/logos) or messages you want included?

Do you know this poster: ?

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