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Re: Fedora 7 CD Labels & Covers

Nicu Buculei wrote:

Ops! I caught you... :p The embedded bitmap is watermarked :D

Which the screenshot? Hehehe :)

The fonts used (besides the logo of course) are all Liberation Sans with some Inkscape-rounded-stroke trickery.

I know I am nitpicking and Bitstream Vera fonts are free, but you used Libertine on the banner and Bistream Vera on the CD (and yes, one can see thisonly looking at the source).

UGH! I keep having this issue with Liberation Sans in Inkscape. I pick Liberation Sans, and it definitely LOOKS like Liberation sans, but then it somehow switches itself to Bitstream Vera or Luxi Sans when I copy it (in the font dropdown! It's the weirdest, most annoying thing!)

I don't get what's going on there. I will have to pay more attention to the SVG output and edit by hand.

What do y'all think, is this the right direction? Anyone want to grab the source file and have at it?

Ignore my whining above, I like your design very much. Just consider the legal disclaimer will be much longer, probably 4 rows (based on the previous designs).

lol, yep, I was too lazy to copy it in,w

And how about using white for the "Live CD x86" text? I find that more readable on the dark background.

+1. Also, the larger balloon on the left looks like someone got hungry and took a bite out of its left side, so that needs some touching up, and I think the clouds could be tweaked to look a little nicer.


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