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Re: shiny desktop, anyone?

On 5/29/07, Chris Brown <snecklifter gmail com> wrote:
On 28/05/07, Valent Turkovic <valent turkovic gmail com> wrote:

> On 5/28/07, Steve Hill <steve nexusuk org> wrote:
> > On Mon, 28 May 2007, Valent Turkovic wrote:
> >
> > > I can only share one comment of my apple osx friend who was an ex
> > > windows user after installing Fedora 6:
> > >
> > > "This looks like windows 98."
> >
> > Of course then you showed him Beryl, right? :)
> No, he removed it before I could do any customization to it...
> And after I showed him my desktop that was already too late, he was
> not interested too much because his own experience was too blend.
> > That said, I was under the impression that an aweful lot of Windows
> > switch XP back to the "classic interface" - i.e. something that looks
> > like Win98?
> >
> > I saw Vista with Aero for the first time a couple of weeks ago - maybe
> > I've just been spoilt by Beryl, but my first thought was "It's just XP
> > with transparent bits and slightly different window decoration".  I've
> > yet worked out why people are raving about Aero, it just doesn't seem
> > anything special to me.
> People are't raving about it - it is just a little more polished -
> just what fedora 7 or 8 or 9 needs :) Why is every fedora the same -
> theme wise? Each fedora has great artwork but the theme says the
> same... that is just laziness :) or lack of insight... there should be
> gnome theme that corresponds with the artwork IMHO. At lest a little
> polish.
> Now F7 looks so Fedora Core 3 like :) not to make the same comparison
> my friend did with windows because I don't use them.
> > > And when I looked it from his perspective I saw he was right. Don't
> > > get me wrong I love Fedora theme... but when windows looks like osx I
> > > think Fedora needs also a little polish to make it shine...
> >
> > I consider the default Fedora settings to be quite plain and basic -
> > get the job done but they don't make you go "Ooooooh".  The first thing
> > do with my Fedora machines when they get installed is switch window
> > manager and copy my customised settings onto the system.  However,
> > the power of Linux - you _can_ customise it, and what's right for one
> > person isn't right for another.
> you can customize windows and osx, and you can argue which is more
> customizable...
> that is not the point. the point is in default theme.
> > There is a limit to how far the defaults can go though - for example,
> > starting Compiz or Beryl by default would certainly make things shiny,
> > there are just so many driver problems associated with them.
> I don't agree. I had 3rd party Compiz and Berly packages on FC5 and
> FC6 6 months ago and had better exeperience and less bugs with them
> than with compiz that is now in F7! To me this looks like lack of
> attention for these packages.

I'm motivated to weigh in on this argument as so far the accusations
levelled at Fedora is that it looks like Windows 98, Fedora Core 3 and needs
to be shinier.  You've also accused artists of laziness and that each theme
looks the same. Try taking a look at other distributions sometime - you'll

I only look at Fedora because it is the only distro I use full time :)
Sorry if I sounded like accusing artist of being lazy - this wasn't my
I can see that they do a lot of work because each fedora release has a
great and different looking artwork! And I love it!

I only said that gnome theme should be inline with the rest of the artwork.

If you want other distro for comparison - Mint Linux (as a good
example comes to mind) and UbuntuStudio (as a not so good example).
look at this:

I love what they have done with the gnome theme - look how much better
gnome panels look when you give them a little polish :)

see much less variation and you are always welcome to use theme packs of
which several sit in the main repository.

The default look or "out of the box" experience is what everybody look
at 90% of the time - and that is what gets screenshots in reviews. I
know that you can theme the hell out of gnome but that is not the

I'm not sure what version of Windows 98 looks like FC6 but I'm betting it
wasn't OEM. As for arguing that Beryl and Compiz packages are not getting
the required attention then it would be helpful if you elaborated a little,
particularly regarding the bugs. Even have a trawl through bugzilla and add
your thoughts.

I added two compiz but to bugzilla. Currently I'm not testing or using
berly because I'm spending all of my free time (and stealing alot of
hours fromf work) deling with bigger bugs in Fedora 7 (they are all on


Valent from Croatia.

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