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Michael Beckwith michael.d.beckwith at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 22:12:09 UTC 2007

Martin Sourada wrote:
> First I don't like the fonts - the comic one has too narrow letters (I
> prefer wider ones, maybe even rather sans or serif than comic, try e.g.
> URW Gothic), the serif one is strange (it's DejaVu, isn't it?). Is it
> intended for print or for screen? If for print, set the serif font to
> something nicer, I'd maybe use some of the URW set (seems that URW
> Bookman could be nice). I'd also use smaller fonts for chapters - I
> usually use about 20 % bigger font than that of previous levels (e.g.
> 12pt for text, 17pt for chapters and 14pt for Sections). Or, if you want
> to look it techy, you can use the fonts from the Computer Modern set
> that are used by TeX.
I changed the feature titles to URW Gothic 17 pt, and the body text to 
URW Bookman.
Yes it was DejaVu at first, and the feature titles were MgModata.
> As for the layout, I think it's too tight. First I'd use wider page
> borders (about 1 inch each) and I would use wider space between the
> columns (maybe something between 1 cm and 0.5 in). I am aware that these
> changes will result in growing of the size (as how much paper is
> needed), but nicer looking text.
I've always had a history of making layouts too tight, so I'll work on 
that as well. For the borders part, you'd like to see 1in margins? I can 
certainly adjust the gap between the columns though.
> Oh, and I just noticed, dunno for sure, but it could be good to turn
> words division on, or at least work a little on the text to avoid over
> too big spaces like in the 'learn more at' line (before
> http://chitlesh.fedorapeople.org/FEL/).
The gaps are caused by the use of justification alignment. Not sure 
where Word Division is but I haven't browsed all the menus yet.
> Also I noticed, one of the hyperlinks is set in bold while the rest is
> set using standard glyphs, you should use bold (or italics) for all.
Minor detail that I would have needed pointed out sooner or later, 
thanks for reminding me.

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