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Giacomo Succi giacomo_succi at
Thu Nov 8 11:32:18 UTC 2007

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> Could you make dvd box as well?

Sure :)!

> Hi Giacomo! I really like your layout! I made a few modifications
> with the fonts - I used a darker version of the background image,
> and I made it so the tail of the light stream will continue onto
> the back somewhat seamlessly.

It's simply amazing O_O!!!!
When a person IS an artist...
I love your version. It have a great visual impact!

> I took out the DVD label and architecture - it will be cheaper to
> print these if there is one design and stickers are applied to the
> outside of the pcakaging to tell if it is live cd or dvd and what
> arch it is. (actually at least in the US we are only having x86
> printed up)

Ok. That's good to know for next work :).

> Anyway here are my modifications:
I use your modifications for all the other work (dvd box, cd slim
stuff, and for the DVD itself).

> Great work Giacomo... although it appears you used Windows to make
> the design though!!!! :( ;)

Ahahahah. Nope. If you remember I've send you a draft I've done for
OpenSuSE. That file was done in Windows. I don't wish to recreate the
CD box layout from scratch I've use the same file :P.
But all the work for Fedora is done in my Fedora box^^.

Later in the day I hope to send, to the list, all the links for all
the other stuff. I hope...

> ~m

Happy Fedoring^^!

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