Greetings from Chile

Máirín Duffy duffy at
Mon Nov 12 02:52:31 UTC 2007

Hi Sven!

Sven von Brand wrote:
> 	My name is Sven and I'm new to this list, I've been
> using Fedora since Fedora Core 3 and now I'm looking to give
> something back, so I entered the wiki and saw the posibility
> wasn't that far. I'm a 3rd year student of informatics here
> in Chile and we use Fedora at my university, I'm currently
> working a lot with blender and a little bit with gimp, and
> have given some presentations about blender.
> I would like to help, especially in the look and feel of
> Fedora.
Great to meet you! We can definitely use your help!

Here's all the stuff you'll need to do to start contributing right away:

If you want to get your feet wet, we have a little design queue on our 
wiki, feel free to grab any unfinished requests:

We just finished with Fedora 8... as far as the Fedora 9 theming goes we 
haven't even started but if you have any ideas please feel free to start 
a thread here on list!

Welcome to the team!


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