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David Nielsen david at lovesunix.net
Wed Nov 21 20:47:00 UTC 2007

ons, 21 11 2007 kl. 12:18 -0800, skrev Luya Tshimbalanga:
> A possible suggestion, why not making a spin release of Fedora that
> focuses on people who have some disabilities?

Again, we have to support this to get in government deployments, which
means it needs to be tested. This generally means enabled by default to
get good coverage - not to mention that certain QA apps require the
AT-SPI framework to work and running with them enabled has proven a
great way to find obscure crashers. I believe we currently do not enable
it by default purely because it tends to really encourage applications
to die.. lots of work to make Fedora great for handicapped people of all
shapes and sizes, icons and simple eyesight is one we can fix now,
without degrading the look and feel for which Fedora has become known
and praised.

For some things you could do a special spin, like my paralysed friend
might benefit from a Fedora that comes with his work apps, dasher and
such. However for the majority, having it be adjustable is a good
choice, say you have a company this means just setting the profiles up
to fit the employees with sight problems using sabayon - a some what
simpler and neater solution. When talking icons and themes, I doubt that
is the best reason in the world to create an entire spin.

The new gdm e.g. also includes better support for a11y, it seems to me
that we are moving towards supporting this by default, at the very least
Red Hat who has government contracts will need to do it, why shouldn't
Fedora benefit and be a good choice for the impaired? 
It will mean a lot of work but really it should just be a choice of
configuration to opt-out. Overall doing this will mean longterm a less
buggy Fedora with a better experience for all, and naturally the option
of opt-out as simple as clicking the disable assistance tick box and
restarting the session. All I ask is that the artwork by default follow
suit, Echo might very well seem like an appealing choice to some and I
fully support there being an easy option to theme the entire OS.. it's
user freedom, not to mention a damn cool feature if we can make it work
(OpenOffice and Firefox spring to mind as hard applications to get good
coverage of for all icon themes - I hear FF3 has a patch to use the
stock icons from the session, hopefully OOo will eventually go down the
same path).

Spins are not the hammer that solves all problems - it certainly does
not solve the problem in question on all counts. Also what sort of
message do we send to handicapped people by making them second class
citizens by default?

- David
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