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David Nielsen david at lovesunix.net
Wed Nov 21 22:03:32 UTC 2007

tor, 22 11 2007 kl. 02:24 +0530, skrev Rahul Sundaram:
> David Nielsen wrote:
> > Shall I start filing bugs on all the components in Fedora that currently
> > does not accept an easy theme change such as rhgb, gdm, anaconda and so
> > on (preferredly something like replacing the fedora-artwork package or a
> > similar option). I believe that was the proposed solution we got from
> > the art team the last time, yet no work has gone into enabling said
> > choice of the user.
> generic-logos package does help. Besides if you have things that you 
> want to file bugs against including any issues you have in Echo, just do 
> that instead. From all the long rants, I can't figure out the specific 
> details involved.

Okay since you seem to think I rant I'll do an itemed list, sound good? 

1) From previous debates on the list, Echo specifically does not target
being accessible - that is perfectly okay but it makes it a less
appealing choice as the new default. 

2) Originally the solution proposed was making it easier to replace the
entire set of artwork for all the distro - however I believe we should
have good defaults on top of this solution.[1]

3) Decisions like targetting a11y by default should be set as a common
goal (even if an undeclared one right now AFAIK), thus we should all
take it into serious consideration. I'm some what saddened that the
artwork team does not appear to take this group of people in account
when selecting defaults.

4) Filing bugs against Echo is pointless on this issue since the design
specifically excludes accessibility concerns. The same goes for the
occasionally odd use of emblems[2]

5) What looks good is subjective, what works for people with sight
impairments is at least something we can take into consideration[3]

6) Making a spin specially for handicapped people is a wrong solution
and gives the impression that handicapped people are second class
citizens in Fedora. Opt-out is a better option, especially given the
many untested codepaths it will create to default to off and focusing QA
on that. This is not however an artwork decision, it was merely brought
up and as such deserved an answer.

- David

[1]  I'll file bugs against components I know are hard to theme
currently, I merely assumed this was an artwork team task since they
provided the suggestion in the first place so I was under the impression
this was already done.

[2] There seems to be mixed use of symbols to indicate new and add, I
filed a bug once upon a time on this and was told this was also by

[3] Naturally we can't fix all the problems with one set but we can
select a good set of defaults to hit the greatest common benefactor,
GNOME already ships high contrast themes and other a11y icon themes for
many cases that do not fit in the GCB catagory. 
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