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David Nielsen david at lovesunix.net
Wed Nov 21 23:11:58 UTC 2007

ons, 21 11 2007 kl. 23:30 +0100, skrev Martin Sourada:

> > 
> I don't think that making an optimised spin for handicapped people gives
> the impression that they are second class. Does the gamers spin, or
> developers spin makes gamers and developers seconds class? No. I think
> the contrary. But as I noted in one of my previous mails, it is more or
> less to have the right things enabled by default, not just about having
> choice. But we need the choice first, and I agree with you that it
> should be worked on (but this concern is better discussed on the -devel
> list).

Okay let me sell it to you in a way you will understand more easily.
Let's just take the colorblindness issue, there are 3 major kinds - this
can mean up to 3 color scheme changes and adjustments to your iconset.
Do you feel like potentially redoing all your icons 3 times when a nice
Compiz filter can do it for you? Accessibility by default is a win for
Martin here, less work, all you need to do is simulate (see my other
mail) to see if there are any glaring problems.

The same kind of problem arises with other kinds of impairments, the
basic framework just needs to be enabled by default the rest is policy.
Artwork is part of said policy, you do your part by leaning towards good
defaults to hit this goal. Echo and more artistic leaning things will be
a popular option as it has always been for those who select it. 

That being said, for the greatest common benefactor, I have to say I'm
biased towards Tango as a good default it hits all the items on my
checklist and it's visually pleasing to me. It's got good shapes, a
colorscheme that seems to work for a wide range of visions and the icons
have clear design. Echo will require a lot of work to get to the same
spot not to mention it's far from having the same coverage and adoption
as Tango. The default GNOME icons (which we use now, with a few changes
I think) is also quite good in this regard. Special use cases will still
require additional icons and themes, most of which we can lift from
upstream GNOME though. I have no idea about the situation for KDE I'll
leave that up to a more KDE savy person to expand upon their vision
impairment technologies and coverage.

I'll offer any help I can to reach a state where my fellow impaired
users can enjoy a good out of the box experience with award winning
bling and visuals. I do think we can combine the best of best worlds.

- David
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