Falco Theme

Laith Juwaidah ljuwaida at fedoraproject.org
Sun Nov 25 16:19:10 UTC 2007

Say whatevery you want, but I am not obsessed with the word Falco, it's just 
that I couldn't think of any other name for the theme.

I didn't actually create this theme, I just got it from two components from 
kde-look.org (A background called Light, and a DeKorator theme called Crystal 
Cursive :-/).

It's a KDE theme, but it's not so hard to port to gnome, it's simple...

You can find a screenshot of it here [1].

Your opinions please :)


[1] http://ljuwaida.fedorapeople.org/Artwork/Falco/Falco.png
Laith Juwaidah
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