Attempt to improve the Gnome Desktop (grid)

Rogue roguexz at
Mon Nov 26 01:45:54 UTC 2007

Mark wrote:
> Hey,
> i've been annoyed by the gnome desktop for quite some time now.
> i just don't like it that there seems to be no order in it. it also
> seems to be that there is simply no grid (right?) if there is than
> it's a way to freely grid. it makes the desktop look messy.

Hi Mark,

I guess the snap to grid option which is provided on the GNOME desktop 
should do the same stuff, albeit, a little differently.

What could be provided in addition to the snap-2-grid option would be to 
highlight the grid.

I do like the option of text truncation. Especially useful, when the 
icons are close to each other and the text seems to overflow onto the 
image of the next icon.

Another thing that would be nice-2-have is that the icons be positioned 
relatively, as compared to being absolutely positioned. For example, the 
default desktop layout may be running at a 800x600 resolution in which 
the Trash icon is at left-bottom corner. Now I increase the resolution 
to say 1024x800, the trash-icon no longer holds the bottom-left 
position. Instead it is absolutely positioned, which means that it would 
be somewhere in the lower-middle half of the screen.

just my views.


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