start the process for F9 theming?

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Wed Nov 28 02:25:00 UTC 2007

This is probably going to be completely unwelcome, but, how about recoding the entire OS to get it to be compatible with games, like windows? yea i know lots of you have your reason to hate windows, but they've been doing a pretty good job since day 1 with making it compatible with every last little tiny bit of rampant hardware out there, and more, 1 or 2 problems isnt really worth dissing it out now is it? anyway.
Aside from the gamers aspect, what about a new GUI? dunno about you lot but i gotta say im getting REALLY sick of menu bars and windows. how bout a 3D interface? selectable themes of course, and maybe even some innovation taken from some outside sources? like for example, anime? ever seen serial experiments LAIN? no? oh well.
3D would BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF windows
GAME COMPATIBILITY would give the other 80% of computer users a REASON TO CHANGE to linux based OS's, and what better incarnation to do it with then fedora?
A pleasing user interface, with no annoying dead ends and crao like that would keep peoples interest in the GUI, instead of having just a plain old been there done that windows style.
take some examples from things you've seen, form anime, from games, and from movies even, explain what you like, what you dont like, how you can make the ideas better and then implement them into development? sounds hard no, ive been coding things for most of my life now, and its EASY to implement these sort of things into real life aplications.
Get out of the past with old and booring 2D flash interfaces, and start planning for what people will need in the future, 3D being the basis for a much more flexable environment for a GUI.
Yea, anyway ive ranted enough, think about it eh?
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