start the process for F9 theming?

Sven von Brand svbrand at
Wed Nov 28 03:01:38 UTC 2007

Mark wrote:
> 2007/11/27, Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora at>:
>> The schedule for the F9 release is published [2], I think the time to
>> start the process for its graphics, so I created the placeholder wiki
>> page [1] (dates are marked as TBD, they will be defined by Mo, probably
>> counting the F9 release schedule and the winter holidays).
>> What do you think about the 3 round process based on the past
>> experience? Do it need modifications, improvements? There were some
>> ideas for an additional preliminary round.
>> So talk in this thread about the process and in new threads about
>> theming proposals.
> Wouldn't it be better if Fedora 9 was not getting a new theme but just
> a refined Fedora 8 theme? meaning that the F8 theme is everywhere in
> F9 (including KDE) instead of just having another theme that is
> (again) for gnome only?

That sounds interesting enough to launch it to discussion.

Now personally I thing we should give a step forward from the theme from
Fedora 8 and not re-used and improve, cause people don't see all the
work they just look at the first windows and get, sometimes, the last
impression they will alway get from the art in the release "it was the
same last time". Fedora is well known for being fast paced and
innovative so if we want to fallow that spirit I thing we should move

I would love to see a theme with something that was somewath alive, the
theme could be something like "breath", "keep going" or "live", I'll
work a bit in "breath" when I have time, if anyone likes any idea feel
free to take it and develop it.

> So no new theme! just improve the current theme and let it pop up in
> all the splash screens (openoffice, gimp ect..)


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