start the process for F9 theming?

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Wed Nov 28 08:40:39 UTC 2007

I think that I understand a different thing:

I'm working into a Fedora wallpaper that should work for F9, and some of my
ideas are to making it alive :D (If the people was happy with the infinity
giving us the time... we could make the same transition of images on the
desktop but using something different as a pattern).

The window style... Can we ad some textures to menu bar? (Gnome and KDE)
like a 3D sensation?  I now that we could make something on inkscape looking
like a pipe and instead see the things up the bar this COULD BE SEEN as
inside... (but I'm not shure that if this is possible.... just saying what I
have in mind to develop for F9 AS PERSONAL WORK)

Menu, window... everithing.... we CAN make a new window style like 3D....
why don't we go for it?

Yes... Here on LatinAmerica (Venezuela) the patents issue is really big,
so.... (kind'a proposition) why don't we re-make a new style concept on the
desktop for Fedora 9? It could be the start for a longer way.


2007/11/28, Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora at>:
> Jack Badger wrote:
> > This is probably going to be completely unwelcome, but, how about
> Not necessarily "unwelcome", but certainly offtopic: we, people in the
> Art Team don't have the power and knowledge to do this. You may want to
> talk about this topic with the Games SIG
> (
> Really, I like to play games, other people around do the same, but this
> is not the right place for the topic.
> > recoding the entire OS to get it to be compatible with games, like
> > windows? yea i know lots of you have your reason to hate windows, but
> > they've been doing a pretty good job since day 1 with making it
> > compatible with every last little tiny bit of rampant hardware out
> > there, and more, 1 or 2 problems isnt really worth dissing it out now is
> > it? anyway.
> I do not understand exactly your point, but I think you have it wrong.
> - "compatible with games" like "run the latest Windows games"? We can't
> help much if the game developers choose to target Windows (and use
> things like DirectX instead of OpenGL). Emulation (Wine) is the best hope;
> - as in "have good 3D hardware support"? there is a lot of work on this,
> but is not easy: the hardware manufactures provide drivers for Windows
> and in many cases not even documentation for Linux developers to make
> their own. Due to license, is not possible (and outside of our goals
> anyway) for Fedora to ship binary (proprietary) drivers;
> - as in "have quality games out-of-the-box"? The Games SIG do its best
> about this.
> > Aside from the gamers aspect, what about a new GUI? dunno about you lot
> > but i gotta say im getting REALLY sick of menu bars and windows. how
> > bout a 3D interface? selectable themes of course, and maybe even some
> > innovation taken from some outside sources? like for example, anime?
> > ever seen serial experiments LAIN? no? oh well.
> >
> > 3D would BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF windows
> Keep in mind Fedora is a general purpose operating system and a general
> purpose desktop so it should work equally well in both games but general
> desktop (browsing the web, reading email, doing office stuff, etc.)
> Creating such a new interface is a kind of Holy Grail and whoever can
> invent it may consider himself hitting the jackpot.
> Try to cohesively write yourself a specification about such an interface
> and if it is good enough you may get followers.
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