start the process for F9 theming?

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Wed Nov 28 10:22:37 UTC 2007

María Leandro wrote:
> I think that I understand a different thing:
> I'm working into a Fedora wallpaper that should work for F9, and some of 
> my ideas are to making it alive :D (If the people was happy with the 
> infinity giving us the time... we could make the same transition of 
> images on the desktop but using something different as a pattern).

I wanted to bring a talk (in a different thread) about dynamic versus 
static backgrounds and what we are aiming for in F9, but if you said 
about it, here is a good place to talk.

The dynamic background was a popular feature, well received in the 
reviews, a step forward. But on the other hand it may limit the design 
options: it work very well for an abstract theme like Infinity, but it 
won't work for something elaborated like FlyingHigh and it would be hard 
(but not impossible) for something like DNA.
So there are ups and downs.

> The window style... Can we ad some textures to menu bar? (Gnome and KDE) 
> like a 3D sensation?  I now that we could make something on inkscape 
> looking like a pipe and instead see the things up the bar this COULD BE 
> SEEN as inside... (but I'm not shure that if this is possible.... just 
> saying what I have in mind to develop for F9 AS PERSONAL WORK)

Like ? Yes, it should be 
possible to use pixmaps engines, but they are usually slower and consume 
more resources (and in my personal opinion look busy).

> Menu, window... everithing.... we CAN make a new window style like 
> 3D.... why don't we go for it?

Why? Because nobody convinced us this is the best thing. The best way 
would be for you, I think, to create a mockup, post it here and impress 

> Yes... Here on LatinAmerica (Venezuela) the patents issue is really big, 
> so.... (kind'a proposition) why don't we re-make a new style concept on 
> the desktop for Fedora 9? It could be the start for a longer way.

The same thing: post a mockup and get some enthusiastic followers. If it 
is something complex it may take more than one release cycle.

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