start the process for F9 theming?

Sven von Brand svbrand at
Fri Nov 30 19:14:32 UTC 2007

Sven von Brand wrote:
> Michael Beckwith wrote:
>> [...]
> I actually was thinking of an "alive" theme trying to represent freedom,
> because to give freedom a face it's not general, so I was thinking to
> go for a theme refering to freedom, but not directly.
> "breath" or "just breath"
> "keep going"
> "live"
> [...]

Here I made a first test of a 3D image background made in blender and
with transition from day to night.

It's just a test, but it's the idea (changing the pig for somenthing
more apealing and making the color more Fedora alike).

It's my first try on doing something like a backgorund for Fedora, so
be nice with the critics, but keep them coming.

unfortunally the .blend file had an error... I'm going to do a new one


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