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Spring/Fall Seasonal Themes for 6-month Releases

As the Fedora release schedule is now about as reliable as the coming of spring and fall, it occurred to me that spring and fall might serve as appropriate visual themes for alternating releases.

Both "spring" and "fall" (aka autumn) are nice natural visual metaphors that have recognizable and (potentially) beautiful color schemes associated with them. They are also both "natural" themes, which can work well for desktop themes.

Perhaps we could adopt a "spring" visual theme for the odd-numbered releases that fall in the spring, and a "fall" visual theme for the even-numbered releases that fall in the, well, fall.

This would also provide a way to have a strong visual change between releases, but still build on a larger theme that could grow more refined over multiple releases.

Just a quick idea - cheers,
Steven Garrity

PS. I know this only holds up for one half of the planet - but our Southern-Hemispherian-friends can pretend we're being ironic about the seasons - and, spring and fall are beautiful on screen, no matter what's going on outside.

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