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distrowatch review

Hi all!
Stumbled upon a review of Fedora7 on distrowatch.

"With every new Fedora release, the team puts together a new look and feel. I like the new look; however, I still wonder why Fedora has to use the classic icon theme for many applications (e.g. Evolution, OpenOffice.org) they have been using for what seems like forever. In my opinion Fedora has used it for too long. For me it is as ugly now as it was when it first came out."

Seems the last bits of Bluecurve needs to be cleaned out, as it sticks out as a sore thumb. Did we make any progress on mizmo's icon report a while back?
Should I open bugs regarding those issues?

"The other parts of the look and feel (e.g. boot splash, GDM theme, desktop wallpaper) look very nice and professionally designed. Personally I think that the look and feel of Fedora 7 was the best theme of any distribution I've ever tested. However, the theme for Fedora 8 is very nice because it provides a nice professional look that adds to the desktop without distracting the user."

Good work everyone!
- Andreas

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