9 swirls - another fedora 9 concept

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Fri Apr 4 11:58:08 UTC 2008

Hi Andy,

Andy Fitzsimon wrote:
> okay so I love the idea of growing flying high.. BUUUT
> What about our distro remixing culture?
> Simple:  I was thinking I could draw on a torrent of waves
> Rationale:
> Fedora 9 is going to be doing a lot of things, for alot of different
> people, all at once.
> This potential should occupy the minds of our users. How do we involve
> it in our artwork?
> For us graphics geeks, fedora is a production studio .. for others,
> its a server, a workstation, a command centre, a directory server and
> a portal to the web !
> Fedora 9 is what you make of it and we're still all working together,
> flooding in one direction.
> lets illustrate this unified effort through a wave..  a fierce body of
> water moving with such potential and momentum that it curls up in upon
> itself..  forming a 9 shape
> The metaphors for infinity and freedom still exist with large volumes
> of water...  think the ocean
> lets play.
> ive attached a svg!

this is really awesome looking! However I think it's a bit late :( We 
already have most of the artwork for F9 done and checked in, no small 
feat. :(


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