Nodoka suggestions for Fedora 10

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at
Fri Apr 4 12:34:44 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-04-02 at 21:10 +0200, Mark wrote:
> Hey,
> i'm having some suggestions for nodoka in the next fedora version.
> My general idea for fedora is to have the themes polished in F10.
> Nodoka can do a lot to get that done.
> Oke for the first one.
> When you hover a button or anything that's nodoka controlled like the
> buttons: minimize, maximize and close. When you put your mouse on one
> of them the image behind it is instantly changing to the hover state
> (or something like it). My suggestion would be to make a effect of it.
> Fade out the old one and simultaneously fade in the new image so that
> you get some nice effects there. Also do this for every other thing
> that has another state when it's selected, hovered etc.
AFAIK, metacity does not support it. Correct me if I'm wrong. It would
possible to make these effects of these using Compiz' wm but I have no
experience in this area and also compositing isn't currently working
almost nowhere in rawhide (you know, intel is broken a little, and
nvidia does not support the new Xorg yet).

> The second one is something i've requested before but never got in.
> Theme the taskbar! fully theme it, not just change the colour but
> really give it a theme. As far as i know this has never been done in
> fedora. I will try to make a mockup of it sometime soon.
I've replied on this one to you privately, but for others here's what I
it's not as easy said as done. Mostly because there are applets supposed
to be on panel, as well as notification area. Many of these are still
'broken' and display wrong if you use them on panel with different
background than just filled with one colour (non-transparent).


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