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Vara Prasad Pepakayala prasadpepakayala at
Mon Aug 4 07:33:47 UTC 2008

Hi all, I am VaraPrasad(Handle:Dreko). I am IT graduate from INdia. I have
just completed graduation and got recruited in a prestigious company. I am a
great lover of Fedora.. But as my resources are limited I never used Linux
to the max. I always install it as the secondary OS. I use a CDMA based
internet connection(not hard wired), it has some problems to get connected
with Linux. so  I use my internet connection only through Windows. I am Good
with artwork in windows thru Adobe PS and 3DsM ... Only now I am learning to
master Gimp and Blender.. as i have some hands on experience with PS i dont
feel difficult with gimp..only with some keybord command.. I have joined
fedora project art section. And I was directed here by Nicu Buculei, thanx
hor his help, i can start now. I hope you all will guide me and advice me
for the future..
Thanking you...

prasadpepakayala at
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