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Mon Aug 4 08:53:09 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-08-04 at 11:30 +0300, Nicu Buculei wrote:
> Vara Prasad Pepakayala wrote:
> > Hi all, I am VaraPrasad(Handle:Dreko). I am IT graduate from INdia. I 
> Hi and welcome,
Hi from me too :-)

> I do not have any first hand experience, but I heard a lot of good 
> things about the latest NetworkManager
Works very good for wifi, I don't know about CDMA, but same as nicu, I
also heard a lot of good about the 0.7.x branch of nm.

> While we have no hard rule about creating images with proprietary 
> applications or using proprietary operating systems, with *strongly 
> encourage* using FLOSS tools on Fedora so the artwork in Fedora 9 is 
> almost entirely created *with* Fedora.
> Anyway, the *absolute requirement* is that the graphics should have 
> sources available (.xcf counts as sources too) and in formats which can 
> be opened by the other, Linux using, members of the team.
One of the good points about many FLOSS applications is that they are
available on wide range of platforms. So you can use gimp both in Fedora
and Windows, dunno about blender. One another great FLOSS app that you
should consider learning is Inkscape [1]. It's for vector-based image
creation and I think it resembles Corel Draw a little with it's UI. It's
also pretty powerful, generally (IMHO) easy to use and has a Windows
port [2] available as well, which might be positive for you. There is
also a wide range of tutorials for it on various web {sites,logs}, like
here [3].


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