help with feature process diagram

John Poelstra poelstra at
Tue Aug 5 17:30:14 UTC 2008

John Poelstra said the following on 08/01/2008 03:37 PM Pacific Time:
> Is there someone here that could help me re-factor this diagram into 
> something that uses the page area a little better and uses the color 
> palette in a pleasing way? :)

Big Thanks to Klaatu and Ryan for their help and quick turn around!

Is there a special trick to fix this problem?  I have seen it before, 
but never figured out why.  When I download the SVG file from the email 
attachment and try to open it with inkscape I get an error message of 
"Failed to load the requested file".

My mail reader is thunderbird and I'm running inkscape-0.46-2.fc9.i386. 
  File permissions look good and it looks like a legitimate file... ?

$ file featureProcess.svg
featureProcess.svg: XML

Thanks again everyone!

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