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Hi DruPen

Excellent art work. Congratulations!


Erick Goes

2008/8/6 TransNet Informática <transnetinformatica at googlepage.zzn.com>

> Hi, fellows!
> I'm DruPen (say Dru-Pen), a brazilian guy, Linux and Windows user.
> Unfortunately, I'm not graduated by this or that high school, as a matter of
> fact I'm one of those ... "self-made man"... and I'm proud of it...
> I work on Blender, The GIMP, BrOffice DRAW (OpenOffice DRAW), Corel
> Photo-Paint, Corel Painter (I don't like Adobe softwares, but I use them, if
> necessary). I did make a lot of icons, png's images and other things, all of
> wich could be used on Fedora's Project. I'm sending some of png's artwork to
> Fedora's Project for valuation. All of them are as attached files.
> If you could help me, my personal adress is (I prefere this one, as a
> personal adress, of course you may send me e-mails to the same adress of the
> present email...still you could send me email by using the
> www.projetofedora.org service, looking for DruPen user)
> transnetinformatica at gmail.com.
> Thanks a lot.
> DruPen
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