Using photos rather than "art"

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Thu Aug 7 06:09:28 UTC 2008

Bob Peterson wrote:
> I'm a Red Hat developer, and completely new to this list, so forgive
> my ignorance.  I like the "blue" themes that Fedora has traditionally
> chosen, but I was wondering if Fedora could have a photo for its
> main background screen.  As an amateur photographer, I have several
> "scenery" photos I've taken that may be suitable, and I'm willing to
> donate.  Some even have a nice blue theme.  

I tend to agree with Ryan: we should have a pack of additional, maybe 
photographic, wallpapers.
In the past I talked about havind even some king of online gallery where 
we could post tons of images and any user can find something of his 
liking (for an additional kick: rss feeds, ratings, comments)

> (This is only 800x600, but the originals are much higher resolution)

One of the advantages of "abstract" art as a default is that it can be 
resized to norma or wide screens, can be used on CD covers, web buttons 
and banners, T-shirts... so we can easily have a consistent identity.

> In theory, this photo or others could be used "as is" or even
> "Fedorafied" to add the symbols the Fedora community desires.

The general thought is against "fedorification", so if we will use 
photos will most likely leave them unbranded.

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