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Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Wed Aug 13 07:35:03 UTC 2008

Evangeline McGlynn wrote:
> Greetings Fedora Art group,


> My name is Eve McGlynn and I am hoping to join the Fedora Art group.  A
> little bit about myself: my formal background is in cartography, which
> focuses a lot more on design than some people realize (though others are
> suspicious of the technical aspects, so I guess I'm doomed to always
> justify myself to other folks!).  Outside of school though, I've always

I pretended to do myself some "cartography" when in fact what I did was 
gaming map graphics: http://clipart.nicubunu.ro/?gallery=rpg_map :D

> had my fingers in some sort of creative medium.  I currently work for
> Red Hat as an interaction designer, and am trying to join the Art group
> to better dig my heels into fedoraland as I will likely occasionally do
> projects in that realm for work.  As far as software is concerned, I
> work in both the Adobe tools and Inkscape and GIMP.  For most projects,

While we strongly encourage (as opposed to impose) Free tools, is a must 
to use Free formats, it is a lesson we learned "the hard way" with 
Bluecurve, so for example the .ai format is a big NO, while an SVG 
produced by Illustrator is passable (we can clean it with Inkscape).

> I find myself using a pen and paper for most of the early stages, as
> it's easier for me to think with a pen than a mouse, but I'm
> nevertheless grateful I was born after the paste-board days of graphic
> design.
> I hope this introduction helps you folks.  If there's any more you'd
> like to hear, please let me know!

Have you any graphics to share?

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