Round 2 Deadline: 1 Sept 2008

Máirín Duffy duffy at
Thu Aug 14 14:39:32 UTC 2008

Hey folks,

Let's set the deadline for round 2 to 1 September 2008. Sound like a 
good idea? Consider this an official kick in the pants to get more 
artwork flowing :)

Just as a reminder, if you'd like your F10 theme proposal to make it 
through round 3, you must have the following 4 pieces of artwork 
completed and uploaded to your proposal's wiki page:

* At least 1 wallpaper draft design
* At least 1 vertically-long piece of supporting artwork (for example, a 
draft firstboot graphic)
* At least 1 horizontally-long piece of supporting artwork (for example, 
a draft anaconda banner graphic)
* At least 1 square-ish piece of artwork (for example, the gnome splash 
or the firstboot/anaconda splashes)

Not sure what theme proposals are available to work on or want to read 
up a little more about how our artwork process works? Check out:

This is a great opportunity to get artwork you worked on in a very 
popular Linux distro! So let's get moving!! :)


(PS if it seems we are in agreement about the Sep 1 deadline, I'll make 
a planet Fedora blog post about the deadline with the same information 
above in the next day or two. If you are a frequenter of online 
Fedora-related or art-related forums such as Fedora Forum or deviantart, 
please feel free to post this information in those communities as well!)

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