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Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Mon Aug 18 07:05:29 UTC 2008

Ben Hamment wrote:
> I tried to make my wallpapers simple as i think this is important when
> using the desktop and makes it easy to see files etc.

Yeah, and here lies the challenge in creating a good wallpaper: it was 
to be both simple and unobtrusive and at the same time to look good (as 
good as people will expect a wallpaper to look these days).

> As i joined at a later stage it would be handy for me to have an
> overview on the decisions which have been made for example i am unsure
> if the gears theme is definate or can a try to come up with new ideas.

As we are in Round 2, no new *concepts* are accepted, but you can play 
with any of the current proposals:

And Round 2 graphics are not necessary to be based on the Round 1 
graphics, only on the concepts (metaphors).

> I started an idea wich i couldnt get to work visualy well ,using 2
> gears and a belt to create the infinity effect.....maybe someone could
> use this better. Thanx

We had "Infinity" in Fedora 8 as a theme concept, I think is a bit too 
soon and we should try some other concepts (but this in only *my* 
personal opinion).

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