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Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Mon Aug 25 14:23:58 UTC 2008

Paolo Leoni wrote:
> Hi Fedora Art Group,
> my name's Paolo Leoni (username: Deepsky), I'm from Italy and I would
> want to contribute to the growth of Fedora.
> I'm studying Physics at University, apart Physics,
> my interests are Computer Science, Astronomy,Cinema and Music (I play
> the guitar). Moreover, I practice Aikido martial art at the Sakura
> Aikido dojo (http://sakuraaikido.altervista.org), where I'm the
> webmaster of the site.

Hi Paolo and welcome!

> At the moment I'm subscibed to the Fedora Artwork group.
> My knowledges are pretty limited about design,
> I've basic knowledges about Inkscape and medium knowledges about GIMP,
> but in case of need, I'll learn the necessary things.
> I can do basic translations from Italian to English and vice-versa.
> My very first contribution was the Italian translation of "Fedora 9
> countdown".

Thanks for that!

> I propose to you a little promotional poster/image about Fedora, I've
> used GIMP in order to modify the photo and Inkscape to add some text.
> You can find it here:
> http://pleoni.altervista.org/fedora_cat_flyer_deepsky.png
> http://pleoni.altervista.org/fedora_cat_flyer_deepsky.svg
> Please remember that it's my first production :-)

While from a graphic point of view it is interesting and I notice you 
used the correct font face, I can see two shortcomings:
- "think freely" is NOT the Fedora slogan, in fact we are trying to come 
with posters for the new concept: 4-F (freedom-friends-features-first);
- without doubt, cats rules and I own a cat myself (well, not sure "own" 
is the best term and who owns who, but I digress...) but I don't get the 
metaphor here, is that we should act like cats and consider ourselves 
with no master? Not sure that is a very good metaphor.

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