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Nicu Buculei ha scritto:
> While from a graphic point of view it is interesting and I notice you
> used the correct font face, I can see two shortcomings:
> - "think freely" is NOT the Fedora slogan, in fact we are trying to come
> with posters for the new concept: 4-F (freedom-friends-features-first);

Sorry, next time I'll use the 4-F slogan.

> - without doubt, cats rules and I own a cat myself (well, not sure "own"
> is the best term and who owns who, but I digress...) but I don't get the
> metaphor here, is that we should act like cats and consider ourselves
> with no master? Not sure that is a very good metaphor.

I understand your doubts, I'll search a new metaphor and new ideas.

Try #1 "close", now I'll start the try #2 :-)

Thank you for the hints.

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