Echo for F10? [was: Re: [Echo] One Canvas workflow + making commits easier]

Luya Tshimbalanga luya at
Wed Aug 27 10:02:26 UTC 2008

Martin Sourada a écrit :
> Just for information, nodoka-notification-theme wasn't accepted by Fesco
> as feature, even though they seem to be OK with the change (so we
> changed it recently). It seems like artwork things are preferred to be
> decided by the Art Team rather than Fesco. I have a feeling it might be
> same for Echo. In this case I personally think Echo should be put on
> evaluation by Art Team and Desktop Team. If both agree it's ready for
> default we can roll it in ;-)
Lets give a review to Fesco to see what happens.
> The thing is, we haven't decided what we expect from default icon theme.
> How big the coverage needs to be, what needs to be covered, ...
First-level menu is done. Second-level is in progress. Using 256x256 to
create a nice first boot setup. etc.
We can ask Mo that question.

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