Solar Round 2 updates

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Wed Aug 27 12:30:06 UTC 2008

New updates on the Solar Theme.

New Brand:

New Visual:

For this Visual, I correct the Nebula effect now it comes from the Blu Sun, and, right now the other planet was lefted apart, maybe they was too much in the art.
Sky is a lil dark than before.

I thinked about the round3 and for that I'll produce all the daytime version for Solar.
Maybe changin' the sky, or the nebula right now I still don't know :D

As other times: let me know your guess.


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Samuele Storari wrote:
> I need a little help to convert my image in the 15 color with Gimp, can someone help me?... thanks

In fact for GRUB you need a 16 colors image, with one color reserved for 
black and another for white, so practically 14 colors.

GIMP: Image -> Mode -> Indexed, set maximum number of colors to 14 and 
try with various types of dithering.
The result will *not* be perfect so you will have to do some cleaning 
with a brush (a normal brush or clone).

Sometime the result is simply not good enough so you have to create a 
simpler version of the image for this purpose.

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