[Echo] user scripts updates

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 22:13:26 UTC 2008


I've just committed some changes for the echo-artist scripts. First I
added echo-new-icon [1] script which creates new source SVG for given
icon, with given icon name and icon context from template (it looks for
and /usr/share/echo-artist/echo-one-canvas-template.svg in this order)
[2]. The template is pretty much prepared for the scripts which are used
later in the process as only things you need to do is to draw the icons
on their correct positions in artwork layer, group the icons, the 48x48
one label as "scalable" (in object properties) and hide the plate layer
(so that the generated PNGs will have transparent background).

I also updated the echo-add-icon [3] script, now for legacy branches
(currently all but master) it also adds necessary symlinks (as defined
by icon-naming-utils + symlinks added by user of the script).

I hope to also implement similar changes for the master branch, but as
it means parsing and extending Makefile.am it probably won't be that

In case you'd like to test it, don't worry, it does not push anything
back to fedora hosted so it will affect only your local git repository
(unless you run git push origin :-D). Feel free to experiment with those
scripts and report any issues. Also if you have suggestions on UI
improvement(s) (or any other suggestions), please let me know ;-)


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