Using photos rather than "art"

Bob Peterson rpeterso at
Wed Aug 6 21:24:57 UTC 2008


I'm a Red Hat developer, and completely new to this list, so forgive
my ignorance.  I like the "blue" themes that Fedora has traditionally
chosen, but I was wondering if Fedora could have a photo for its
main background screen.  As an amateur photographer, I have several
"scenery" photos I've taken that may be suitable, and I'm willing to
donate.  Some even have a nice blue theme.  For example:

(This is only 800x600, but the originals are much higher resolution)
In theory, this photo or others could be used "as is" or even
"Fedorafied" to add the symbols the Fedora community desires.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Clustering & GFS

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