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[Echo] One Canvas workflow + making commits easier


I think we need to be up to date with technology, so I started
downloading the One Canvas Workflow screencast by jimmac [1]. I haven't
tried it yet (but going to do so very soon), but from the people who
already tried it and shared their thoughts about it, it seems like it
would be improvement for the Echo Icon Theme creation workflow. I ask
for your opinion about this, I'll give mine, when I try it ;-)

Also, from what I heard and can imagine, the One Canvas Workflow has
much more consequences than having only one picture for all sizes. I can
imagine we could completely automate the process of pushing new icon to
git. My idea of the workflow is such:

 * artist runs some script/programme which creates new (empty) icon from
template with given name and open it in inkscape
 * artist fill the template with the icons (i.e. draws them), following
the Echo Icon Theme Guidelines and One Canvas Workflow Guidelines (not
sure if there are any tutorials beside the aforementioned screencast)
 * once accepted by the Echo Team, artist will run another
script/programme which creates all the necessary icons (PNGs and SVG)
from the source one-canvas-workflow SVG and push them into git, together
with canonical commit message like 'Adding new/Fixing <icon-name> icon
set.' It would be great if it also could add the icon into the build
scripts/create necessary symlinks (depending on branch).

My idea what the artist would be asked for are these things:

 * icon name
 * branches to which he wants to commit the icon to
 * additional symlinks (not those covered by icon-naming-utils)
 * Is it new icon or modification/fix?

What is your opinion about this? IMHO it would greatly easier the job of
echo contributors. I am mostly able to achieve those goals by combining
my bash and C skills, but it would not be ideal. If it was written in
bash only it would be probably best... Anyone willing to help, if we
decide to go that way? Suggestions? Comments?

[1] http://blip.tv/file/1075329?filename=Jimmac-OneCanvasWorkflow306.ogg

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