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Fedora Art Team Monthly Picks

Hey folks,

Nicu and I had an idea that maybe the Fedora Art Team could do a monthly art pack (kind of along the likes of the iCE [1] and ACiD [2] art groups' monthly art packs) that would be a selection of say the top 10 best art works producing using Fedora (inkscape, gimp, etc., it just has to be software that's available in Fedora used to produce it.)

I think this might be a good way of getting more recognition to our artists as well as to what Fedora can do. If it's done in a monthly format, then the works would be well-organized and easy to find, a one-stop nice gallery of things you can do with Fedora.

One idea we had for implementing it at first would be to keep it simple, have the artworks posted in the Fedora wiki, similar to how Fedora Weekly News is published now. We could take submissions from an incoming submissions wiki page where people can paste the links to their artwork they'd like considered. And when a new release is available one of us on Fedora Planet can blog about it to get some publicity going. Maybe later on if it takes off we could have a Gallery install or a Flickr photo pool to manage submissions. (and use the RSS feeds to create a planet just for the artworks / incoming submissions)

We could have a monthly theme that the artworks should relate to or we could keep it completely open. We could accept just visual works or we could also accept animations, movies, 3d models, music, etc.

I think licensing implications are something interesting too. Should we require a specific license to be considered? Source artwork?

What do you think?


[1] http://www.ice.org/
[2] http://www.acid.org/

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