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Re: Echo for F10? [was: Re: [Echo] One Canvas workflow + making commits easier]

Martin Sourada wrote:

Just for information, nodoka-notification-theme wasn't accepted by Fesco
as feature, even though they seem to be OK with the change (so we
changed it recently). It seems like artwork things are preferred to be
decided by the Art Team rather than Fesco. I have a feeling it might be

Yes, but, from a marketing POV, if we list it as a "feature" it will be picked by more news source and help building the excitement around the new release.

same for Echo. In this case I personally think Echo should be put on
evaluation by Art Team and Desktop Team. If both agree it's ready for
default we can roll it in ;-)

So we crosspost this to the Desktop list or just hope mclasen will notice the thread?

The thing is, we haven't decided what we expect from default icon theme.
How big the coverage needs to be, what needs to be covered, ...

Thus my initial question if we feel comfortable about proposing it.

We can also enable it in Rawhide and see the reaction. If it's not
favourable we can stay with Mist once again.

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